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What we offer

With our approach to the continuous sustainability improvement process, which is based on the PDCA cycle from quality management, we help you to optimise the sustainability of your company's activities, including existing technological processes. Angebot1 We also support you in designing new processes with sustainability in mind (e.g. in accordance with the Ecodesign concept or the EU's Safe and Sustainable by Design Framework). In doing so, we consider ecological aspects (e.g. CO2 emissions and land use changes through life cycle assessments), economic aspects (e.g. economic efficiency of processes and cost drivers in production through material flow cost calculations, supply chain considerations and security of supply) and social aspects along the life cycle of your products and raw materials (e.g. human rights and occupational safety).
We also develop new methods for sustainability assessment or optimisation tailored to each individual case and we are familiar with the latest European and national standards and regulations in the area of sustainability reporting. This enables us to guide your company towards a balanced sustainability strategy.

We also develop Green Chemistry recycling solutions for complex waste (e.g. composite materials, electrical waste) and offer recycled materials of high quality and purity. We can also metallise your substrates. To date, we have recycled metallised plastics and tantalum capacitors. We recover high-purity materials such as copper, nickel, chromium and the original plastic. We use mechanical processes, delamination with bio-based solutions and electrochemical metal separation and recovery with biodegradable electrolytes.

Based on our Berlin recycling company, we will set up similar Green Chemistry recycling plants around the world in order to establish sustainable regional waste utilisation for complex waste and thus create regional jobs and the supply of important raw materials (especially metals and plastics) and reduce the landfilling of waste.

We will soon be setting up the following recycling technologies in Berlin, Germany:



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